Summer School and Learning Clubs

EDClass can be accessed anywhere, at any time through the year, making it the perfect resource for summer school, catch-up sessions and learning clubs.

We find that individualised learning is the most effective way to catch up and so we tailor students' learning to build on their strengths and address their weaknesses.

Our flexible remote learning approach has proven to help educate those hard-to-reach learners who have become disengaged, fallen behind, or have difficulty learning in mainstream classrooms.

Live Teaching

Using EDClass, students will benefit from live teaching sessions where they can watch a livestreamed lesson from our teachers, who will guide them and answer any questions they have.

We have continued to enhance our platform delivery so that there is now daily and weekly timetabled slots available for learners. Support and teaching can be available with live teaching within a virtual classroom or one-to-one session to assist your educational recovery programme from April 2021.

Personalised Catch-Up

Whilst logged into the system your students are continuously assessed. Every lesson is filled with questions, puzzles and quizzes, all of which are marked, tracked and recorded. Our automated assessment tool identifies students' gaps in knowledge and automatically assigns catch-up lessons for them to complete. Every test result is recorded and evidenced throughout the learner's progress in the system, giving you visual data of current grades and the progress made over time.