Support and Partnership

Within EDClass we have teachers, well-being and staff to support any learner or cohort with communication and assistance to learners when learning via chat, text, verbal and face-to-face.

This assistance can be delivered anytime a learner is on the system and support can be given in:

  • live teaching sessions 
  • one-to-one sessions
  • catch-up periods
  • drop-in periods
  • questions
  • recorded sessions and lectures 

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EDClass can also offer teaching support for any organisation. This powerful tool can assist your school in the following areas:

  • Enhancing the Core, GCSE, iGCSE and BTEC qualification provision for your curriculum.
  • Offering vocational and academic courses to all your students at varied levels.
  • Raising attainment, performance and value-added.
  • Improving the subject content that your establishment can deliver.
  • Creating bespoke learning pathways for individual students.
  • Homework and revision tracking.
  • Providing an innovative way to deliver a range of subjects and qualifications that perhaps your teachers’ expertise does not cater for.
  • Engaging and motivating low literacy and numeracy students.
  • Supporting students’ development.
  • Managing behaviour.
  • Offering distance learning packages for students.
  • Increasing attendance.
  • Delivering education to remote areas.
  • Being accountable for pupils’ progress and tracking learners’ achievement.

Student Support

Students are able to ask for help, feedback and direction from your support officers so that they can make progress through their lessons.

Support and supervision is given to any individual using the virtual classrooms, whether they are on-site or off-site.

Our support and supervision officers offer a thorough and robustly-safeguarded provision which addresses government legislation for alternative provisions on/off-site for LEAs.

Our expert support officers have an extensive knowledge of the qualifications we offer and put into place an exclusive pre-assessment, assessment and feedback service for the students alongside safe supervision.


Safeguarding and support of our young people, teaching staff and staff is paramount. 

EDClass Ltd has an up-to-date GDPR process and this is available on request, however safeguarding will supersede this at all times and our safeguarding processes are activated when we as a company or trained individual believe there is a concern. 

We have numerous safeguarding tools in our online live teaching lessons with virtual support which includes learners off-site letting us know how they are on a daily basis, alert mechanisms, video/chat support, marking and various other industry-leading tools.

It is mandatory for all EDClass staff to pass an advanced Child Protection course. 

All Senior Managers have passed their designated Safeguarding Lead course, with a strict hierarchy in the processes and reporting system. 

Senior Managers have also taken the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults course.

All staff have covered FGM / Counter-terrorism and PREVENT.  

All schools using our face-to-face Virtual Classrooms are urged to invest in QNAP software to be stored on site for SFTP transfer of classroom data, keeping safeguarding a priority between schools and the EDClass Safeguarding Team.

Any learner, anywhere, can have a personalised timetable with support and your educationalist or without live teaching and support.

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