Case Study from a Trust
Student A: It didn’t get him back into school but as he was Year 11, EDClass improved his attendance and he went on to do his GCSEs. 24/1/19: 21% attendance. Ended on 43%.
Student B: As above, Year 11 student. Attendance improved and GCSE qualifications gained. Attendance ended on 59%. Was on 49% before EDClass installed in March.
Student C: Also Year 11 and had been out of school for a long time. Managed to gain a GCSE qualification thanks to EDClass. Ended on 32%. Prior to EDClass was on 14% before starting EDClass in February.
Student D: Year 9. Attends school in the mornings and completes EDClass in the afternoon. This is an ongoing case due to ARNA and referrals for additional support are being looked into. Attendance is currently 71%, which is largely due to EDClass use each afternoon; it is likely to be around 40% without EDClass.
Student E: Year 11 school refusal last year. We were unable to get back into school but EDClass was successful in improving attendance from 30% (15.1.19) to 62% (ended on), the student went on to sit her GCSE’s.

We have been with EDClass for coming up to three years, we invested in this to support students that are based in our Inclusion Centre and to support students who might be working off site. We found that students needed something they had a little bit of control over but also structured, and that mixture of independent study, allocated learning and the potion to use seats meant this fitted all of the criteria. It was also a great alternative to just giving students worksheets and asking them to get on with it. After seeing the demonstration and realising that literally every student could access this, the chance to customise learning pathways and the support available made it a no brainer. Did you consider any alternatives before choosing EDClass? We didn't look at any other companies, and were recommended EDClass by a colleague. We have seen other tutoring services, but nothing on the scale that you are able to offer. Approximately how many of your students are using our platform? EDClass has been invaluable during the lockdown, once the announcement was made from the government our staff quickly set to allocating work to students to complete. We have had almost 900 students access the system in Years 7 - 11 during the lockdown period. This has been a phenomenal success for us, and has really helped cope with the demands placed on us during the lockdown. It has also been great to see so many parents expressing an interest in the system and wanting access to parent codes to be able to check on progress. Prior to the lockdown we were using EDClass with a small group, and we still need to make better use of the seats, but to be able to live track how many students were login into the system was really helpful. It also helped that the pathways we set were mapped out to our school curriculum. We are also learning every day, and EDClass is going to play a big role for us come September as we return, due to the amount of ways you can utilise it. Our staff are now fully aware of the power of the system, so making this something of a staple in our teaching and learning is only a matte of time. What are the needs of the students using EDClass? How has the platform benefitted them? Prior to lockdown, this was used an intervention for students based in our Inclusion Centre, Isolation and those educated off site. This would have been students that struggle int he classroom environment need to be able to take a little more time in their learning and can get instant feedback on their work. Since the lockdown, we are seeing it for multiple uses. Students in the lower year groups have used this to plug gaps in knowledge, with many telling us they have been using the independent study section.
The Sheffield Inclusion Team

Since EDClass has been implemented at Merrill Academy, we have seen an increase in student engagement when they are unable to attend the Academy. It has been an invaluable resource within our SEND and safeguarding teams as some students who have struggled to access the  academy, have had work provided during their difficult periods. This has meant that they did not develop meaningful gaps in their education so could reintegrate easily.
We have utilised EDClass Seats for students who are at risk of permanent exclusion or are school refusers. The students and parents have been positive about this approach and has helped to build on parental relationships to support these students. The students on seats respond well to the feedback given on their work.  In addition we have been able to boost the CORE subjects in year 11, creating extraction classes. Students follow the EDClass resources to improve their skills in Maths, English and Science. The feedback is useful to both the students and their subject teachers who are working towards
improvements in the run up to the upcoming exams. The year 11 students have responded well to the program and find the interface easy to use whilst still finding the work set at an appropriately challenging level.

Merrill Academy – Adele Chilton

We have been with EDClass for coming up to three years, we invested in this to support students that are based in our Inclusion Centre and to support students who might be working off site. We found that students needed something they had a little bit of control over but also structured, and that mixture of independent study, allocated learning and the potion to use seats meant this fitted all of the criteria. It was also a great alternative to just giving students worksheets and asking them to get on with it. After seeing the demonstration and realising that literally every student could access this, the chance chance to customise learning pathways and the support available made it a no brainer. 
We didn't look at any other companies, and were recommended EDClass by a colleague. We have seen other tutoring services, but nothing on the scale that you are able to offer. 
EDClass has been invaluable during the lockdown, once the announcement was made from the government our staff quickly set to allocating work to students to complete. We have had almost 900 students access the system in Years 7 - 11 during the lockdown period. This has been a phenomenal success for us, and has really helped cope with the demands placed on us during the lockdown. 
It has also been great to see so many parents expressing an interest in the system and wanting access to parent codes to be able to check on progress. 
Prior to the lockdown we were using EDClass with a small group, and we still need to make better use of the seats, but to be able to live track how many students were login into the system was really helpful. It also helped that the pathways we set were mapped out to our school curriculum. 
We are also learning every day, and EDClass is going to play a big role for us come September as we return, due to the amount of ways you can utilise it. Our staff are now fully aware of the power of the system, so making this something of a staple in our teaching and learning is only a matter of time.
Prior to lockdown, this was used an intervention for students based in our Inclusion Centre, Isolation and those educated off site. This would have been students that struggle int he classroom environment  need to be able to take a little more time in their learning and can get instant feedback on their work. 
Since the lockdown, we are seeing it for multiple uses. Students in the lower year groups have used this to plug gaps in knowledge, with many telling us they have been using the independent study section. Our examined year groups are making use of the exam board specific lessons to ready them for exams and this has meant our English team in particular have been allocating specific pathways to students. 
It has been good for parents as this has meant they have not had to sort through books and worksheets, all they have to do is get the student set up on the learning button and they are good to go. 
The safeguarding is very good, this has been useful helping us with students off site in particular, this is really important to us as a school. 
When we have used live lessons, being able to call them at a moments notice is great. If we have a student that has been removed from a lesson, being able to get them into something structured with online support in a matter of minutes has been really helpful. 
During the lockdown we have been sharing headline data with year leaders and progress leaders and then celebrating those with great performance in our learning nestler to parents. We have been running a competition amongst the year groups, with those who appear in the Top 50 receiving recognition, and the year group with the most students in the Top 50 also getting recognition. We even have a little league table running from over the lockdown period. 
This has also helped us find out who isn't engaging, and has meant our pastoral team can come in and support those who aren't featuring in our data. 
We have been able to support hard to reach students in a much better way. We have been able to plug a gap with something meaningful. If a student needs a task to complete, there is no need to go to different rooms or teachers trying to find worksheets of textbooks. Once a student is logged in they are good to go, that has meant that students that needs it isn't losing 15 minutes here or an hour there as they may have done before. 
With our hard to reach students it is becoming common terminology, they know that if the come to Inclusion its time get on with some EDClass pathway work. We need to get to this position with our seats as well. 
Our students and staff have found using EDClass very simple. When you tell people what it is they assume its going to be this monster that takes years to learn. For what it does its very simple to get along with, and one of the benefits of the lockdown has seen our staffing team easily get to grips with the system, with many taking the initiative and setting work for students. 
Students once they have their login are very good on the system, something like this plays into their strengths as its an online platform, which is several times more appealing than a text book. 
We are a large comprehensive school, and the power of EDClass to support students is growing as we use the system more. The system is beneficial for all students in school, every subject is covered and in the long run and used properly is going to be a huge time saver for staff, which is what every school would benefit from. 
Its very flexible, and initially we thought this would support a small group of students through our Inclusion Centre and off site provision. We have quickly learned there is a place for this in the school day and as part of extra curricular provision as well. 
The support from the team is brilliant, there has always been someone available if there is an issue. 
Sam Southwell, BBB Inclusion, Shenley Brook End School
Since EDClass has been implemented at Merrill Academy, we have seen an increase in student engagement when they are unable to attend the Academy. It has been an invaluable resource within our SEND and safeguarding teams as some students who have struggled to access the academy, have had work provided during their difficult periods. This has meant that they did not develop meaningful gaps in their educaion so could reintegrate easily.
We have utilised EDClass seats for students who are at risk of permanent exlcusion or are school refusers. The students and parents have been positive about this approach and has helped to build on parental relationships to support these students. The students on seats respond well to the feedback given on their work.
In addition we have been able to boost the CORE subjects in Year 11, creating extraction classes. Students follow the EDClass resources to improve their skills in Maths, English and Science. The feedback is useful to both the students and their subject teachers who are working towards improvements in the run up to the upcoming exams. The Year 11 students have responded well to the program and find the interface easy to use whilst still finding the work set at an appropriately challenging level.
Adele Chilton, Merrill Academy 
EDClass maintains excellent communication with the school. They are always willing to offer help and support and respond to requests incredibly quickly. There is a great variety of lessons on the platform which means I have been able to always set a pathway for a student that is appropriate to their needs. I am impressed with their safeguarding protocols and how well they work with the school to ensure the wellbeing of the students on the live seats, their vigilance and open communication supports the school to meet safeguarding responsibilities when the student is working offsite.
Vicki Bond, Daventry Hill

We have been using EDClass now for 2 academic years. This has been a vital part of school's alternative provision for pupils with mental health needs, attendance concerns and behavioural concerns. EDClass is used as part of bespoke package of intervention for our students, who may also have other alternative provisions as well. EDClass has enabled us to support pupils with poor attendance and has contributed to the school having a PA rate which is well below the national average. We have also been able to use EDClass effectively to support our pupils who have behavioural concerns, engaging them in learning when at times they have become disengaged.
Matt Taylor, Hindley High School
We use EDClass at Weston Favell Academy in several ways. Firstly in our Learning Support Unit as a tool to engage disaffected students, also those who need booster sessions. It has been invaluable as a way of providing education to students on fixed term exclusions and we have used it with students who have severe medical needs and are at home. We have found EDClass to be an invaluable tool, our students really engage well, with only a couple of exceptions, which is rare!
The support offered is excellent. I have shown EDClass to some of our external education providers and would highly recommend this to any educational setting, especially with disaffected students.
Jo Ratcliffe, Weston Favell, Learning Support Manager (S4), Inclusion
One student is unable to access school at the moment, but with EDClass access has been able to attend online lessons - and in the last term had 33% attendance compared to the 0% she would have had.
Another student has had a staggered return from hospital and EDClass has provided them with a stable short-term education routine to help reintegration. They have attended 75% of the time, whereas without this provision, they wouldn't have been able to attend school.
Jamie Turner, Inspiration Trust 
EDClass has allowed us to provide additional education to our students with medical needs, who cannot work in school full time. This has therefore had a positive impact on their attendance. We are also impressed that we can select pathways unique to the students to suit their ability level.
Jamie Turner, Inspiration Trust 
Cohort: A cohort of 15 students, who are not just school refusers but also "PRU refusers"
"Our students are out of mainstream education for various reasons; they might suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues. Others simply just don't like school. But our objective is very clear: we want to our students back into mainstream education."
Objectives: To use the EDVirtual (Virtual classroom) to help educate, support and offer safeguarding for a range of students with both the schools and EDLounge teaching and support staff.
Methodology: To follow a unique learning pathway specially designed for each student in English and Maths whilst getting virtual support on line by a safeguarding mentor (at the school) and getting online support regarding lessons (within EDLounge).
"We use a virtual classroom to deliver lessons and homework to our students, and they receive an attendance mark for each session. There is a tracking system in place so we can see at a glance how many times a student has logged on, what they're doing, how they're progressing and so on. We're also able to have a virtual face-to-face check ins with each students, enabling us to see that the student is safe nd well, and also speak to them about their work and progress. 
Stats: 14 out of 15 students (93%) progressed completing a six week English and Maths programme
Stats: 83.25% attendance rate
Stats: 4% increase in the whole school attendance
Stats: One students percentage increase by 43%
Stats: 36% of cohort has 100 percent attendance
Success: Two of the students asked to come back into centre and have been successfully reintegrated
"The results have been incredible. Two of our students have recently informed us that they want return to mainstream education. With a virtual classroom, we're able to ensure our students receive classwork and homework regularly, and we can monitor their progress and give them the support they need, so that when the time comes, the transition back into the classroom goes smoothly."
Sheffield Inclusion Centre
At Springwell Lincolnshire we have been using EDVirtual as part of our targeted intervention programme for students who have been excluded from mainstream settings and have struggled to integrate into alternative provision working alongside pers.
For many of our students, anxiety creates a barrier to their learning, but with EdVirtual the pressure to perform in front of peers is removed, which has meant that for two particular students attendance has gone from virtually nothing to 80% plus, which has, of course, also raised attainment dramatically. The interface for the students is very user friendly, and they actively enjoy their lessons, even those who have previously hated school. 
From a teacher's point of view, the system allows me to provide a totally individualised curriculum for each student, and to track progress with great accuracy. The marking and feedback system is incredibly helpful, as the lesson is marked automatically as the student works through it, so that I can focus on giving useful verbal and written feedback rather than spending hours over the minutiae of checking answers. The variety of subjects and number of lessons available provide flexibility, and a much broader offer than students on one to one tuition usually receive.
Lucy Flux, Lead Teacher for Targeted Intervention, Springwell Lincolnshire
"Each of the students that have been on the programme benefited massively over the past academic year, with reintegration back into centre, back into mainstream education and others have progreessed by their engagement with the programme to reintegrate with their peers through work based learning opportunities. This system has proved to re-engage both the pupils and their parents/carers with their child's education.
Jane Horsfield, Engagement Team, Sheffield Inclusion Centre
EDLounge has been usef to support out Year 11 Pupil Premium GCSE Maths intervention project. We ran over 15 twilight sessions on Thursday evenings. Attainment was 20% at the start of the project in February 2014; and actual GCSE A*-C was 80% in August 2014. 3 Levels of Progress for the group was 67% and 4 Levels of Progress was 11%. An excellent package which provided the enjoyment of interactive learning with the robust link to assessment.
Mr Kausor Amin-Ali, Deputy Headteacher, Balby Community Academy
I hope you are all keeping well and safe during these difficult times. I wanted to offer you my thanks for the part you play in continuing to provide our most vulnerable children across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough with their education and support during this unprecedented times.
As a Local Authority we have received some fantastic feedback from our schools regarding the enormous support and flexibility that you have all shown to ensure that our students are receiving the highest quality of support.
We recognise that some of you have been able to stay open throughout but this continues to be a challenge. I know Anna Wahlandt and her team has been in touch to ask for your contingency plans and service provision going forward.
As you are aware, the Government has updated its guidance for AP students who remain n the national "vulnerable" category and we are making every attempt to ensure those students remain supported and have access to their education where possible. 
We are here to offer you continued support where possible and I wanted to personally thank you and recognise the efforts you have all made over the past few weeks and going forward.
Jonathan Lewis, Service Director: Education, Cambridgeshire County Council & Peterborough City Council
As a concerned parent facing the reality that my 4 children (aged 11, 9, 5 and 3) would be away from the structure of school for an uncertain amount of time, I was sceptical when another parent from my daughters school recommended EDLounge but they absolutely loved it, lots of variety and even though my children's ages ranged, they were able to find something to keep them not just amused and occupied, but most importantly educated. I am more than happy to recommend the service.
Mr A Brown

Thank you so much for all your support and help with this. I will concede! I think I've had the most intensive training EVER! You have been brilliant and patient. Enjoy your day!

Helene Hunter, Inspiration Trust

EDClass bridges the gap from excluded students and in school students so that they are 'up to speed' and confident on their return

Timothy Edge, Year Manager at Chaucer

Improved educational provision of students excluded from school/on alternative pathway.

Donna Mitchell, Inclusion Manager at Ossett Academy

Attendance percentage increased significantly as did progress for disengaged and vulnerable students.

Melissa Maddison, Associate Head at Chaucer

Better attendance figures and helped improving parent-school contact.

Dawn Burne, Head of Pastoral Care at Mount St Joseph

Very helpful people - nothing too much trouble.

Wendy Evans, Aspiration Coordinator at Granville Sports College

Very clear advice and guidance and support - a provision that is equipped to meet the needs of mainstream pupils.

Marie Matthews, AP Coordinator at Minsthorpe CC

Clear, concise, informative

Kathryn Lloyd, Year Manager at Chaucer

The staff have been very knowledgeable and friendly and have answered any questions.

Lindsey Butterfield, Behaviour and Attendance Officer at Brayton Academy

Help with continuity of learning with short term and long term exclusions.

Mark Ward, Senior Learning Mentor at Chaucer

Tutors gave up their time to speak to candidate's one-to-one, addressing individual concerns and queries.

Donna Mitchell, Inclusion Manager at Ossett Academy

The staff created a relaxed, helpful atmosphere, having a geniune willingness to make a difference with their knowledge of school needs.

Melissa Maddison, Associate Head at Chaucer

Even before he training day the EDClass team have been so supportive and helpful. Hands on training has been the icing on the cake.

Natalie Delaney, Inclusion Manager at Westborough High School

Thoroughly enjoyable and informative, by far the most useful training I have attended in years which I can use straight away in the school.

Dominick Gray, Senior Manager at the Beacon Centre

Friendly atmosphere with knowledge staff.

Donna Stratton, Admin Support Clerk at Acklam Grange School

Staff completely hospitable, friendly and welcoming. Felt supported and was guided through all aspects of the event.

Nikki Sullivan, Positive Interventions Leader at Moor End Academy

>Reduced exclusions and given students access to learning when off ill or unable to attend school.

Gemma Carberry, Admin Support Clerk at Acklam Grange School

I personally have two students from my house with medical issues preventing them from coming to school. EDClass helps them keep on top of studies.

Nikki Mason, Assistant Head of House at the Elizabethan

The day was extremely informative with excellent support.

Carol Cornfield, Teacher of Alternative Curriculum at St Peters School

Very informative and knowledgeable staff creating a lovely, relaxing learning environment.

Nicola Thornhill, Teaching Assistant at Long Eaton School

I wouldn't change anything about EDClass. Since using it I have started to take more care and effort into my school work.

Lacy, age 16

Through using EDClass I'm learning more than I would otherwise have been.

Ashton, age 16

I can concentrate better (on EDClass) than I did at school.

Laura, age 16

EDClass made me learn more

Laura, age 16
Ofsted 1 Ofsted 2 Ofsted 3 Ofsted 4 Ofsted 5 Ofsted 6 Ofsted 7 Ofsted 8

At BBG Academy, EDLounge currently plays a large part in how we support students who have received Fixed Term Exclusions. It is vital that despite the wrong choices the student may have made, they are offered a chance to continue their learning and education during what can be a very difficult time. Students are promptly placed on a seat on EDClass from EDLounge and are set relevant work that they would otherwise miss out on.

As well as this, the students have an opportunity to reduce any reintegration time they may serve in isolation upon their return to school and also reduce the impact a Fixed Term Exclusion may have on their attendance.

Scott Sweeney , BBG Academy

The customer service team at EDLounge do a fantastic job and it is great knowing I can contact them with any questions or queries I may have to find they will be dealt with immediately. When I initially started using the EDClass Platform from EDLounge I was worried it was going to be difficult to get my head around it all but with the help and support from everyone at EDLounge I have now got it up and running quite efficiently within our school.

EDClass from EDLounge is helping us as a school ensure students that are offsite for various reasons are still able to complete relevant work remotely rather than fall behind in their studies, whilst still being able to get help if they become stuck by using the personal tutor support available. The programme also allows students’ progression whilst using the EDClass facility to be monitored and tracked which we have found to be a valuable tool to both the students and the school in improving further learning development.

A big thank you from everyone at Firth Park Academy, especially Shakeela.

Shakeela Wheeler , Firth Park Academy

EdClass (from EDLounge) is a key component of our behaviour support package at Pakefield. For students who are at risk of permanent exclusion, we use EdClass to deliver off site learning, with students attending school for a short amount of time each day with sessions focusing on improving their own behaviour.

Family support workers, parents, and the students themselves have been very positive about the support in place. The fact that qualified teachers are available through EdClass means that students feel connected to their learning at all times, a stark contrast to the typical exclusion process.

Dan Bagshaw , Assistant Headteacher, Pakefield High School and Learning Community

With attendance continuing to have a high agenda within schools we have found Edclass to be invaluable. It has provided us with the flexibility in providing work for pupils who are genuinely unable to attend school through ill health. It has also enabled us to provide support for those pupils suffering with mental health issues and struggle to attend a full timetable. Parents/carers value the extra support which is further enhanced through the safeguarding home visit. We also use Edclass to provide an early intervention learning package for those pupils who are at risk of fixed term exclusion. Pupils no longer see a fixed term exclusion as ‘an extra days holiday’.

The support provided by the staff at Edlounge when using Edclass has been exemplary from the training offered to the response to safeguarding issues.

Su Gill , Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral), Haughton Academy

We have started using EdClass from EDLounge in our external isolation room. It keeps students more engaged and focused – the short tasks and motivation through the gaming aspect work brilliantly. Students can also follow their timetable when isolated so they don’t fall behind in their class work.

Mrs Jennifer Sadler , Re-Engagement Leader, Green Room Provision, Pudsey Grangefield School

I liked the course and felt less stressed at doing the reading and writing work. I really enjoyed preparing and doing my presentation about Switzerland and Swiss trains. I’m very proud of my result.

Tomas , Functional Skills Student, Oldham

I was increasingly concerned that the revised GCSE English language exam would be too demanding for my son who has autism and a language disorder.

The EDClass software platform from EDLounge gave my son the opportunity to develop his reading and writing skills at his own pace and maintain his self esteem by providing him with a stepping stone qualification to work towards.

The presentation element of this qualification was a fantastic way to engage him and helped him become more confident with techniques to use in his writing.

Mrs Cusack , Parent, Oldham, Lancs
Ofsted 9 Ofsted 10 Ofsted 11 Ofsted 12 Ofsted 13 Ofsted 14 Ofsted 15

The cooperative academy have been the highest attending high school in Manchester for the last four years and constantly strive to keep the attendance at a high level, We currently have 900 students on roll, The attendance up to half term 5 this academic year was 97.21% and our PA level was 3%. In the last released DfE’s figures we came in the top 1% of England.

The Academy is based in an area of low income families with a high proportion of students coming from challenging complex backgrounds, Keeping students engaged and attending regularly is a daily challenging task.

We were introduced to EDClass from Ian at EDLounge in the middle of the academic year 2016 – 2017 the impact on our attendance was instant and has a positive impact on our figures.

I can confidently say that if we had had the package sooner we would have had a lower PA figure and increased attendance. With the purchase of the EDClass seat we have access to EDClass which we have set up in our internal Exclusion suite, this provides students who would normally have to work from work sheets, access to lessons and course work that they would normally be completing in lessons.

In my role as Attendance Manager and Safeguarding Officer I am often asked to visit other schools and Academies to offer support in improving their attendance, I have no problem in endorsing the EDLounge company to Schools and Academies as a tool to improve their attendance and support students.

Many Thanks

Jenny , Attendance Manager and Safeguarding Officer, The Co-Operative Academy of Manchester

The safeguarding of all our pupils is a priority; EDLounge with the EDClass portal adheres to safeguarding policies, including an alert that students can use to immediately contact a member of staff and allows them to stay in constant contact with the school. We know our students are safe when they’re online and if they have any concerns, they know we are only a button away.

Yasmin Celik , Associate Leader for Student Support/Safeguarding Lead, Chaucer School

The access to qualified teachers throughout the EDLounge experience promotes a level of engagement that we have not seen with similar products. We have used a range of online products and have always felt that there was something missing. EDClass meets the needs of students, parents/carers and staff, ensuring that safeguarding and student engagement are paramount.

Andy Percival , Deputy Headteacher, The Rodillian Academy

We, at The Brades Lodge, work with students who experience Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties. As a result of the some of our students have been out of education for extended periods of time, when they come to us we have to integrate them back into a school environment and get them ready for learning again.

Since we have been using EdClass from EDLounge as one of our strategies the attendance has increased by almost 10%. The motivation to work is rewarded by the token system and the games appropriate to the students we work with. The pre set lessons work well and link in with the curriculum.

The support from EdLounge is invaluable and issues encountered have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Simon Hobbs , Acting Head of School, The Brades Lodge

I think EdClass is good cos sometimes it’s easier to learn certain things on there better than with a teacher and if the teacher can’t come or is busy we can simply log on and get good lessons out of it. I have learnt my times tables off it. I’ve learnt about cells and stuff in the body. I soaked it up like a sponge! It’s fun cos if you get a question right you get money and can go on EdVille. I’m saving my money for good stuff. You definitely have to buy it or I’ll kick off!

A student's view: LK's view of EDLounge , She was not willing to write but was happy to dictate her views to me. Excuse the phrasing as this was how she said it.

The impact on attendance that EDClass from EDLounge has had is that been able to support an increase in 2.7 per cent increase in the first term of this academic year (2015) because students are engaged on an alternative provision whilst excluded. This often has not been the case in other alternative providers we have set up through failure to engage or attend through choice or transport issues. This is not the case with EDClass as we have set it up in the comfort of their own home after we undertaken appropriate and legal safeguarding measures to ensure the student is in the right and safe environment to continue on their off-site education.

EDClass, because it is all interfaced related students of this day of age quite often prefer to interact in that measure and they almost don’t feel like they are learning and they don’t feel like it is school work, because the way it is set up and how they engage with it. I cannot recommend EDLounge highly enough in terms of how it has supported the behaviour transformation at the Featherstone Academy and I would willingly endorse it to any other educational establishment in the country that are looking to make a difference to their school’s behaviour and overall school culture.

What is a real bonus for the student is how they can see how they are making progress because of the work is so tailored to them in their personalised pathways they actually demonstrate a mark able amount of progress. With that intrinsic motivation and being reward with being able to see the personal progress made themselves is a really is a powerful tool to changing some of our students, some of real hard to reach student behaviour.

Also, EDLounge has saved the academy many thousands of pounds this academic year because we use it as our first port of call for alternative provision. The impact of EDLounge and EDClass is that we can now support students learning whilst they are excluded from the academy. Therefore, when they return from their exclusion they have not fallen behind their peers in terms of their learning and they are able to be seamlessly reintegrated back into mainstream lessons without any detriment to their education.

We are avoiding bounce back exclusions where students return back to mainstream lessons and because of the gaps in their knowledge can often lead to low level disruption or further disruption which ends up as a repeat fixed term exclusion – but EDClass fills that gap and students are far better supported in their learning both once on exclusion and when on return from exclusion.

Jason Kenneally , Associate Headteacher

EDlounge has quickly become popular with the students, and Teachers have caught on to the buzz created. We decided first of all to use EDClass in our support units as an aid to teaching but also to set work for non attending students and short term exclusions. This has rapidly expanded to Teachers using it in class to reinforce their lessons, and of course setting home work. The feedback has been 100% positive from the staff. Going forward, the whole school will be offered access to EDClass, both for reinforcement and homework. I would like to add that I cannot fault the team at EDlounge, one phone call, job done!!

Peter Fletcher , Abraham Darby Academy
Ofsted 16 Ofsted 17 Ofsted 18 Ofsted 19 Ofsted 20 Ofsted 21 Ofsted 22

The lessons on EdClass are excellent, offering varied subjects, and great of focusing work at an individual student level.

Steve Audus , Chaucer School

EdLounge is a fantastic resource which enables students who are often attending an alternative provision to learn in a monitored way. It is easy to set up lessons for classes, and if a student does well they can have a reward and play on it instead. Having the ability to monitor what is being done is great, and that it can be accessed from home.

Miss Natalie Turner , The Regis School

Developing the students’ literacy skills continues to be a whole school focus at Canons High School. In time-tabled lessons EdClass from EDLounge is used to deliver to two Option groups (Year9-11). Students are given a copy of the English Library contents. They first self-assess their strengths and areas for development. I then target the weaker areas as part of their personal pathways. Next, as a group, they identify which skills would best support their current focus in English lessons. After working through a preview of adjectives, the students work their way through the lessons ( completing 2 each session), before returning to their Personal Pathways. Students with EAL/ SEN challenges to learning, benefit from both whole class teaching to introduce new, or review and develop previously taught skills =, at their own pace using individualised pathways provided by Edlounge. This programme is an important tool which, when used consistently helps students to close the gaps in their learning, improve their access to the curriculum and raise their self-esteem. To further engage the students, we include film studies based on a given theme: e.g. Portrayals of Fatherhood. Over the term we will have compared characters in 3-4 films. The literacy focus will be on word, sentence and paragraph level, linking up with the chosen writing skills from the English Library where possible, and the whole school literacy focus. Future plans: To get students to ‘teach’ a lesson to the class, that they have successfully completed. To develop the use of Edville and the other more ‘fun’ elements of Edlounge- I would appreciate some help with this, please. To involve students in enterprising community projects using skills they can learn using Edlounge.

Ingrid Vidal , Canons High School
EDCLass is about to revolutionise the way we work with disengaged students. It is a powerful tool in and we are excited at the speed in which we can set or provide work to students remotely.
T Cale , Leeds East Academy

I have been using EDClas from EDLounge for about a year. I work in a small intervention unit within the school, where pupils who could potentially underachieve in maths and science come for catch up lessons. Each student has an individual learning programme through EDClass. I have also used EDClass during my lessons as I can tailor the learning pathways to individual students. The students also enjoy using it as it’s different from anything else they use in school and they actually want to complete the lessons as they receive rewards at the end. I tend to use it as a bit of a reward if they have worked hard, as I find my students cannot concentrate for long periods and EDClass gives them something to aim for. I think it has helped behaviour, as even improving the enterprises requires quite a bit of concentration and this is something the students want to do.

Mrs J Taylor , Sandy Upper School, Bedfordshire

EDClass has provided us with an excellent tool for the motivation of pupils, not only does it improve confidence in the core subject areas of English, maths and science, it sets them on the path to thinking about work management issues. The online service allows pupils to continue their work at home, as well as submitting work to tutors for regular marking. The reward system has provided an additional stimulus and pupils are keen to see the improvements they can make to their ‘own room’ as well as the monetary rewards they get from their ‘enterprise’. The recent addition of topics on Behaviour, Working Skills and Health and Safety has further broadened its appeal. An exciting venture for pupils of differing abilities.

Mr D. R. Corry , Alternative Curriculum Manager

We commenced with EDLounge in 2012 following a chance finding of the program on the internet. I then met with Chris Ramsden the Director of EDLounge Australia. Chris demonstrated the program to a number of staff at the school and we agreed to proceed with the purchase of a full licence.

We have been using the program for a number of students who present with a range of issues. The issues impacting on the students and their ability to fully engage in mainstream schooling include, long term physical illness and treatment, high levels of anxiety, severe clinical depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and school refusal.

Of the 6 students we had on in term 4, two have returned to full time school attendance which is a great result. Two have left the area and two are continuing with EDLounge. We have four new students on the program this year. Their issues are around anxiety and in one case the student has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and finds the school environment too challenging to manage.

The beauty of EDLounge is that you can design the student’s program to suit their ability and interests. The student does not know what level the work is pitched at and you can randomise the lessons. In some cases EDLounge is one aspect of the student’s weekly program and they may be linked in with other programs. In Victoria, where we are funded directly by the government on a per capita basis, we have found from a financial point of view that EDLounge has paid for itself due to having students engaged in learning whilst not necessarily learning at school.

It is still early days for us and we are learning the best ways to use the program. We have a number of students who go to their local library twice a week for two hour blocks to do their EDLounge. This provides a number of advantages including, putting some routine into their life, providing a break for parents/carers and allowing school staff to maintain the relationship with the students without intruding on the home. We ensure that a staff member always drops in to see the student at the library. We have started some students out of school initially and then gradually returned them to school to allow them to build their confidence in being in a mainstream setting.

We are exploring how to use some of the content in our mainstream classes and for homework. Longer term we may use EDLounge as a learning management system as you can alter existing lessons, or add new lessons.

Ken Stewart , Assistant Principal, Geelong High School, Victoria, Australia (Student Wellbeing)