EDClass incorporates a range of tests that can be scheduled into a personalised testing and assessment and individualised sequenced learning experience for each pupil to highlight and assist catch up, progress, recovery or to stretch learning. Alongside this there is teacher led, continuous and structured assessment.  We provide a unique approach that includes testing to evidence impact and progress that includes:

  • baseline tests 
  • mock, termly, or half term tests 
  • end of unit tests
  • benchmark tests
  • gap analysis
  • prior knowledge tests
  • diagnostic tests 

Pupils can access the tests, assessment and on demand lessons with qualified teachers supporting them in a safe and secure learning experience in and outside of school hours. There is one-to-one or group live timetabled sessions available for additional learning so any barrier to learning has a positive outcome. We tailor your needs to our portal.

Built into our system is a bank of baseline, diagnostic and end-of-unit tests that work with our lessons. All of our questions, quizzes and tests have the option to be marked by our teachers, who then feedback to the students and your staff, highlighting the students' strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

All answers and grades are recorded and evidenced over time, giving you visual data of progress a student has made whilst on the system. You can place your tests and assessment structures into EDClass for further evidence.

Invigilation and Testing Securely 

Tests, baseline tests and exams can be done due to our secure and locked down applications to prevent cheating through our virtual invigilators and moderators. 

Our application also allows you to timetable the periods in which you want to set the exam and the whole screen and computer only allows access to the test for the regulate period. 

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Please call 01909 568 338 for more information regarding tests and continuous assessment within EDClass and how it can be used for your organisation.