Within EDClass we offer transition lessons for Year 6 and 7 learners who are having literacy and numeracy learning issues that could potentially affect their individual progress. EDClass enables our teachers and support staff to work with your students using our online and secure platform, lessons, content and virtual classrooms where your students will benefit from being taught by our specialist teachers – whom they know and trust – in our virtual classroom through a range of live, timetabled or personalised on demand lessons. The programmes of learning can be tailored to each individual student’s needs and capabilities.

Why we are focusing on Transition in EDClass

The transition aspect was the vision of several academy head teachers to help raise attainment in their primary school learners' English and Maths as they were approaching Year 7. The level of knowledge and understanding in these subjects had seriously hampered development in a large number of learners throughout Key Stage 3 and especially in Year 7, which had a massive impact on personal development, as these problems extended to other subjects in which English, Maths and Science skills were important.

Impacting Transition

At the moment our school day runs from 9.00am until 4.00pm, with students logging on and working flexibly in their own time. The school day may possibly change to longer hours to work with students with chronic fatigue or mental health needs.

Our content and work are accessible at all times, the school day is when our teachers are on hand to help.

With thousands of lessons and content for all, this is a perfect resource to educate, teach and qualify the home educated students.

One-to-one sessions and personalised reintegration plans can now take place so that every child has an individual and personalised learning pathway with achievable milestones and targets.


Students are able to ask for help, feedback and direction from our teachers and HLTA support officers so that they can make progress through their lessons.

Support and supervision is given to any individual using the virtual classrooms, whether they are on-site or off-site. 

Our support and supervision officers offer a thorough and robustly-safeguarded provision which addresses government legislation for remote education. 

Our expert support officers have an extensive knowledge of the qualifications we offer and put into place an exclusive pre-assessment, assessment and feedback service for the students alongside safe supervision.

The pathways serve to enhance learners' attainment and development over time where the learners can work within school, at home or with the one-to-one help and support from an EDClass Support Officer/teacher. 

Safeguarding all learners

Our unique safeguarding tools have been designed with these students in mind to give educators the best opportunity to deliver lessons whilst also monitoring their behaviour and safety. All virtual lessons can be streamed live for teacher viewing and are also recorded, automatically backed up and exported daily to your establishment to ensure safeguarding all round. 

Each learner’s answers, chats, issues, attainment, knowledge and understanding are tracked, recorded and monitored in a range of graphical aspects to show all types of progress.