UK teachers available for overseas learners

All our Teachers are based in our head office in Sheffield, England. 

The lessons are created and delivered online to a range of learners all over the UK and the world. 

The teachers are UK qualified, trained and are experienced and are ready to support any learner in a range of subjects where we can offer: 

  • live teaching and live classroom delivery for one to one or group lessons, 
  • time tabled sessions for one to one or groups catch up sessions
  • online and on demand support via our chat, face to face support or written chat
  • just on demand content via the on demand lessons store

The teachers, learning support and tutors are available for any learner, class or target group for the following courses, topics, subjects and qualifications:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • primary subjects for 4-11 year old for English, Maths and Science
  • English Second Language teaching and learning 
  • Languages for 4-11 year olds for 25 languages
  • Secondary subjects 11-16 year olds  for English, Maths, Physical Education and Science
  • Functional Skills
  • Foundation qualifications
  • BTEC 
  • GCSE (UK Curriculum)
  • iGCSE

Your students will benefit from being taught by our teachers – whom they know and trust – in our virtual classroom. The programmes of learning can be tailored to each individual student’s needs and capabilities.

This unique service has enabled us to deliver online GCSEs, iGCSEs, Levels 1 and 2 Functional Skills, International Foundation, Vocation and BTEC qualifications. We offer these through our Virtual Classroom and online support tutors.

EDClass has a live, on demand or timetabled teaching and tutoring facility for international learners that includes 1-2-1 and group teaching, learning and support available. 

Our UK teachers and tutors

Our tutors and teachers offer bite-size modules that full and part-time overseas / international learners, teachers or parents can instantly access which includes robust skills scans and diagnostic assessments which clearly identify the starting point and directly inform the development of a tailored learning plan. 

Our tutors and teachers deliver a wide range of teaching and supplementary resources within a range of subjects. We have the teacher and tutor delivering the session where you can see the teacher with their screen and the interaction between them and the learner. This can be for individuals, whole groups, target classes or those being educated from home as part of an education recovery programme.    

All our tutors and teachers have created the lessons and programmes are given for a learner to study which are tailored to provide learning journeys and education pathways that fully recognise the starting point of learners. This fully addresses their individual learning needs and fully aligns with the needs of schools, learners and parents’ priorities.  

The mentoring and tutoring aspect enables an expert to work on a one-to-one basis or with a cohort through our secure and personalised Virtual Learning environment. Any learner can click to talk verbally, face-to-face, or by chat, remotely and privately or within a forum with their tutor/teacher. As viewed here:

Availability and on demand learning

Learners can have ad-hoc, drop-in, timetabled and independent support sessions with a teacher or support officer to address academic learning or to break down barriers to learning.

Your child, class, cohort or learner can also have surgery sessions where time slots/periods can be granted for these private or open conferences. Workshops or experts can deliver these with them being recorded for training purposes or for those that simply miss it for unforeseen circumstances. 

Our online support tutors and teachers are present for any learner in EDClass, where they:  

  • deliver live teaching sessions
  • support learners with their learning
  • supervise ad-hoc drop-in sessions
  • teach scheduled/timetabled sessions
  • answer questions and hold discussions with numerous learners
  • mark learners work, providing detailed feedback

Learners work with our teachers once they are 'placed on to a seat' within the system where they are then ready to follow the subject-specific areas in which our staff specialise.

Our courses and qualifications are also available for International Schools and British Schools.