Virtual Classroom to support learning

EDClass offers a safe and secure virtual learning environment with engaging face-to-face teaching, tutoring and well being support. The learning application and virtual classroom has been designed to help break barriers to learning with online assistance, teachers, tutors, and qualified assisted tutors using the personalised e-learning aspects.  

Our methodology is unique! Our teachers are recorded delivering topics and series of lessons to build a pathway of learning that is individualised and flexible. Students complete the series of lessons with further interactive e-learning lessons and other resources as part of the topic and pathways. We provide access to exams, mocks, quizzes and questions as part of the series of lessons to assess, test and monitor their knowledge, understanding and progress. There is a virtual library of over 2000+ pre recorded video lessons delivered by our teachers already for learners to access and view on demand which are part of a series of topics and pathways of learning available. Alongside this there is 12,000 support online lessons in English, Maths and Science with other core and foundation subjects. This on demand library of content works alongside the virtual classroom. We work in partnership where our teachers and your teachers can use the remote education classroom to deliver face to face live, timetabled or on demand lessons to deliver to a range of abilities in a secure and virtual learning environment. 

The classroom enables learners to change and learn at their own pace. The learners can have one screen, two screens, or manipulate the view so that it assists their learning. They can personalise every aspect. There is a delivery timeline to progress through with extensive questions, challenges and tasks for the learners to complete which begins our assessment and gap analysis. We have a range of teachers, support and wellbeing workers to assist learners in all aspects when they are remotely learning live, on demand or independently.

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We have become adaptable and versatile to ensure our service to our customers, partnership schools and Multi Academy trusts is exceptional, regardless of whatever happens.  Alongside the live teaching element your learners can be offered: 

  • just the content with pre recorded sessions


  • live teaching sessions or on demand sessions
  • a timetabled approach where lessons are scheduled 
  • drop-in sessions
  • a learning schedule 
  • live support 
  • cover resources
  • catch up delivery
  • extra curricular clubs
  • teaching or tutoring on 1-1 or 1-10 / class or year group 
  • ad-hoc sessions for learners to have online support when requested

or you and your staff can add into the virtual classrooms:

  • your lessons that your have used to delivery remote learning to your students using third party software 
  • policies and procedures for educating your learners remotely off site for monitoring attendance and assessment
  • support and safeguarding 
  • quality assurance, tracking and monitoring of teaching and learning

We are proud that our remote education classroom and on demand library of video lessons and pathways allows your students to learn, progress and be educated at their optimum achievable rate with high quality and interactive teaching that is Live, on demand, timetabled and available anytime for structured or independent learning.  

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This is how we support your students using our platform our all in one collaboration platform where you can use our platform to deliver too and communicate via text based, video, and audio communications. We have the facility for staff to deliver from school or at home at a moments notice to ensure there is never a time where our support is not available to your students whilst remaining compliant with Government guidelines. Or, we can help work in partnership with your establishment to deliver support and remote education using our teaching and support staff to provide a safe and secure remote education provision.    Our Virtual Classroom allows face to face teaching and interaction with screen sharing and video conferencing. We have a successful, tried and tested, contingency plan in place. Allow the Virtual Classroom in EDClass to be part of your remote education strategy. 

The virtual classroom offers a fully comprehensive, contingency covered, catch-up and accountable remote education learning environment and management system that:

  • Improves outcomes
  • Enhances attendance
  • Looks at each child on an individual basis
  • Sees what everyone has done every minute of the day
  • Has in depth and continuous assessment to help predict grades
  • Keeps staff and pupils safe, secure and socially distanced
  • Offers a non over subscribed provision
  • Offers a whole school approach with live, recorded or on demand resources

EDClass offers your establishment a new method of virtual teaching and delivery via our secure, virtual classroom and forum. In line with Government guidance for full opening schools (, EDClass can help you with: 

  • School operations 
  • Curriculum, behaviour and pastoral support 
  • Assessment and accountability 
  • Contingency planning to provide continuity of education in the case of a local outbreak and a local lock down 
  • Attendance and learning tools to equip students who are shielding, suffering with separation anxiety, or even parents preventing students from attending due to other anxiety issues

Schools and parents can use EDClass for their staff, learners as a whole or individually. 

EDClass has worked throughout the lockdown to enhance our teacher and tutors delivery within our virtual classroom, offering much more interactive content.  We have increased our assistance and well-being support to offer a proven secure, fully safeguarded, distance learning virtual classroom system which can help you further address:

  • Distance learning for lock downs, second wave and a contingency to any other disruptions.
  • Blended learning via our virtual classroom. 
  • Face-to-face learning one-on-one to help raise attainment and attendance.
  • Remote learning for those students and staff that are ill and shielding.
  • Interactive learning via the portal for a range of solutions for staff rotation and a varied curriculum.
  • Hybrid offering 'eyes-on learning' via our support and timetabled sessions.

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In addition, whilst cuts are being made everywhere under this air of uncertainty, the EDClass aspect can:

  • offer a whole school approach
  • reduce costs of permanently excluding students
  • save you the expense of sending learners to Alternative Provision
  • address how you deliver a personalised learning plan to your students with mental health issues or those that are school-phobic, refusers, non-attenders, teenage parents
  • offer safeguarding supporting tool
  • provide GCSE and functional skills content and timetabled sessions

Students can be supported in a one to one tuition platform or tuition can be offered to larger groups. 

Our curriculum

Safeguarding for live teaching

Safeguarding is our key element. All our staff:

  • are COVID 19 Psychological First Aid trained staff 
  • are trained at DSL level 
  • have Enhanced DBS checks 
  • teaching staff and HLTAs are list 99 checked 
  • have strong relationship with local authorities

The one-to-one support and chat enables any teacher and support worker to assist in any students learning.

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This is how secure and safe every student is tracked, monitored, and protected using the virtual classroom 

Off site students educated via the Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom within EDClass also has the facility to track off-site students learning to ensure that staff can maintain constant contact with learners who are being educated externally. Our teaching staff are available to the student at the click of a button and will help guide students through their learning. The work students complete will also be marked by EDClass teachers. All video recordings are saved and sent directly to your IT technicians to store and back up for data protection, child protection and safeguarding protocols.

This short-term provision via our Virtual Classroom approach and support mechanism, for reaching a range of students within and outside school, has been created so that establishments can target those hard to reach students or those students on the 6th day provision, using EDClass English, Maths and Science staff, mentors and support staff (alongside EDClass teaching staff) to educate learners in any situation.

EDClass can help schools and centres to instantly educate students who have difficulty attending a mainstream provision due to illness, shielding, behaviour, pastoral or access issues. We provide a safe and secure learning environment for hard to reach students, allowing them to achieve, whilst offering educators our online platform and safeguarding tools. This will help each student reach their full potential in a controlled and safe environment. EDClass staff have the capability to educate students on specific timetabled pathways via live video stream which is recorded to safeguard teachers, school staff and students. Learners follow a unique pathway for them and receive support when they require it. 

Within EDClass there is the facility to speak, support, and teach face to face via our own internal virtual platform. The visits and questionnaires must be done by yourself for safeguarding purposes but all the chat, recordings, backups, alerts and aspects are still paramount to the process. All virtual lessons can be streamed live for teacher / student viewing and are also recorded and automatically backed up and saved to ensure safeguarding all round. The students would be able to ask for and receive help, feedback, comments, and direction from our support members, ensuring all students can progress within EDClass. You and your organisation can see the chat live with the student and teacher. The video can work chat wise, and can be muted. The students can follow any path, timed and date stamped for their own learning. The students click on this button to activate the chat and virtual support whilst learning. Live lessons and tutoring can also occur. Once clicked it takes them straight into learning. The learning, idle and question time is recorded. The files are encrypted and sent to the school every evening once learning and the sessions have been completed. All videos are automatically sent through via your SFTP and stored via a folder for safeguarding. Every file is saved, encrypted and sent to the school.

The process for whole school benefits

This facility will enable us to further support students and the needs of those involved with these individuals in furthering their education. The difference between this and our normal support is that there is more supervision used for the students learning off-site.

We work with you so that you can:

  • view the students learning live via a secure server stream
  • chat face to face
  • view their learning progress
  • offer mentoring, support and assistance
  • view actual live answers
  • mentor students via a secure verbal chat or written chat
  • set a structured pathway for any individual in a timetable path so that mentors and support workers can assist learners

This approach can dramatically improve students’ attendance and achievement but most importantly educate the students within a short term exclusion, 6th day provision or students with school phobia, anxiety or  mental health issues.

EDClass can help schools and centres educate students who have difficulty attending a mainstream provision. We provide a safe and secure learning environment for hard to reach students allowing them to achieve whilst offering educators our online platform and safeguarding tools. This will ensure each student reaches their full potential in a controlled and safe environment.

EDClass staff enables a partnership to be created so that we have the capability to educate students on specific timetabled pathways via live video stream that is all recorded to safeguard teachers, school staff and students to meet your school needs. Our unique safeguarding tools have been developed with these students in mind to give educators the best opportunity to deliver lessons to off-site students whilst monitoring their behaviour and safety.

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To finish off and recap the benefits of EDClass

The government constantly introduces or plans changes to budget, attendance policies, off-site learning, exclusion, inclusion and the alternative curriculum. Therefore, accurate tracking and reporting is becoming increasingly more important for educational establishments to implement systems that can deliver these changes, accurately monitor progress in real-time and output reports suitable for an Ofsted inspection. We are proud to say our virtual classroom has been through a successful Ofsted in July 2019

The Virtual Classroom enables us and you to:

  • support students live via our tuition platform (Great for the Tuition programme)
  • offer live timetabled sessions
  • provide a personalised pathway
  • view the students learning via live a secure video stream
  • chat face-to-face with learners
  • offer class, target groups or whole year group sessions
  • break down those individuals who have greater needs and create smaller groups online 
  • view their learning progress, offer mentoring, support and assistance
  • view live answers and submissions
  • mentor learners via a secure verbal chat or written chat
  • set a structured pathway for any individual in a timetable path so that mentors and support workers can assist any learner
  • be flexible for any learner

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