Working in Partnership to Raise Standards

We can tailor our platform to meet your education recovery, catch up and whole school policies, needs and budget. You can combine any of our sections, resources or modules within EDClass so SLT, teachers, parents and learners can access:

  • Learning content and support.
  • Live teaching with on demand lessons. 
  • Catch up delivery and tutoring sessions.
  • Differentiated learning.
  • Safeguarding with your staff or our well-being mentors.
  • CPD Training
  • Quality assurance and monitoring platform
  • SLT management platform
  • Monitoring and Training portal
  • Testing, Exams and Assessment  
  • Game based learning apps
  • Timetabled sessions with attendance and learning tracked. 
  • Assessment to identify learners progress accurately and continuously.
  • Having a continuous assessment in place to challenge all abilities.
  • Your content, support workers and teaching sessions with an extensive quality assurance platform to share good practice.

Our platform can be cloud-based or server-based and updates automatically through our securely-managed data system. 

Raising Standards with EDClass

Besides the virtual classroom, remote learning, behaviour resources, content, online teaching support, homework, revision, tests, safeguarding, CPD,  assessment and exams that EDClass offers, we are unique because of the additional functions we have been able to add at the request of SLTs, ensuring everything is in one place. EDClass was created by educationalist and from an Ofsted Monitoring visit where we demonstrated how we implemented the platform into a provision to the impact our learners.   

EDVirtual - the virtual classroom you control. 

EDClass enables you to implement our virtual classroom with your teaching and support staff so you can also offer impact on teaching and learning across your school, MAT or Local Authority - we call this EDVirtual.  You can use the EDVirtual platform to offer one-to-one support and to deliver learning programmes to support any learner anywhere within your trust, local authority or school district via sharing good teachers’ delivery across these virtually to a bigger range of numbers.   

EDVirtual enables you to offer a range teaching staff and support staff available across a vast region and break down any barrier to learning for any learner – it is proven.  Your staff can offer daily and weekly timetabled slots available for learners to have ‘live teaching’ in a Virtual Classroom or one-to-one session. Through working in partner with EDClass, your learners can also use our teacher and support officers to raise standards and address the educational recovery programme (April 2021) on many fronts.

Using EDClass, enables your learners to benefit from convenience, flexibility and importantly, support, just as any other student within a bricks and mortar school can.

EDVirtual enables your staff, support workers and well-being officers to:

  • teach students live via a secure and safeguarded stream
  • chat face-to-face and have a visual of your students
  • view students' progress and offer mentoring, support and assistance
  • view live answers
  • mentor students via a secure teleconferencing chat or written chat facility
  • set structured, timetabled learning pathways

Support via EDVirtual from EDClass

Support is often a concern for the remote and distance learner but with EDClass our teaching and mentor support system within our Virtual Classroom incorporates an in-house and face-to-face chat system (where a teacher can view the exact lesson that a student is working on) facilitating real-time connection and learning – which you can now control.

It can help particular groups such as those who are school refusers, shielding, demotivated, vulnerable, school-phobic, long-term sick or distance learners as well as students that struggle with anxiety and mental health issues.

Students will benefit from sessions conducted by your teachers – who they know, trust and are familiar with – in our virtual classroom. Each programme of learning can be tailored to each individual student’s needs and capabilities.

Our unique safeguarding tools have been developed with off-site students in mind, to give educators the best opportunity to deliver lessons to students whilst monitoring their behaviour and safety.

All virtual lessons can be streamed live for teacher viewing and are also recorded, automatically backed up and exported daily to the school ensuring safeguarding.

EDVirtually complies with government legislation for both on and off-site provisions for academies and schools.

Our remote learning environment is different to many. EDClass is a totally inclusive package where the learner is the focus.

  • 12,000+ e-learning lessons that can be on demand and personalised (with or without our support officers and well-being mentors or your HLTAs)
  • 1000+ video sessions that can be on demand or timetabled (with or without our support officers and wellbeing mentors or your HLTAs)
  • knowledge bank of unique and essential resources
  • diagnostic tests and baseline tests
  • modular exams for English, Maths and Science (PE coming soon)
  • tailor-made assessments 
  • video and performance analysis software
  • a virtual classroom with live or on demand 
  • 24/7 tutoring and support
  • video analysis of performances
  • management profiling and assessment tools

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