International Schools

There are various ways EDClass can be incorporated into International Schools to raise whole school standards for your curriculum, teaching and learning, attainment, management and governance. EDClass can be implemented into your school system to impact students, teachers, SLT and parents via:

  • Personalised Learning Pathways created for learners that offers a blended learning packages for all learners
  • Access to UK Qualified and experienced Teachers that offer timetabled, live, or on demand teaching, lessons and online support for all learners.  These teachers are also available for tutoring one-to-one, cohorts or focus groups for a range of subjects 
  • Raising attainment: International School performance and Value Added
  • Improving the subject content that your establishment can deliver
  • Offering continuous assessment to challenge and stretch all learners
  • Implementing diagnostic, baseline, modular or unit tests
  • A robust, secure and exam platform to track, record and monitor attainment and progress
  • A remote learning application designed to help break barriers to learning; ideal for ESOL learners but also any learners studying BTECs, GCSEs and iGCSE courses with assistance through our qualified teachers, live in our UK offices
  • Staff Professional Development Courses and Training sessions to enhance delivery
  • Safeguarding students and staff
  • Supporting students’ development through offering distance learning packages for learners (offline and online) so that education can be delivered to remote areas
  • Plotting and recording learners’ progress and tracking learners’ achievement

Impacting teaching and learning standards

Our Virtual Classroom enables you to help all learners (ESOL, underachieving, remote learners or students catch-up), attend an online classroom and gain qualifications, either with your own teachers or ours. This powerful tool can assist your school in:

  • Enhancing the GCSE, iGCSE and BTEC qualification provision for your 14-19 curriculum
  • Offering vocational and academic courses to all your learners at all levels
  • Creating bespoke learning pathways for individual learners
  • Tracking homework and revision
  • Helping deliver a range of subjects and qualifications that perhaps your teachers’ expertise does not cater for
  • Engaging and motivating learners with low literacy and numeracy levels

Within EDClass our qualified and specialised UK teachers work with you, using our online platform, to educate your students with live lessons.

Our academic content is mapped for English, Maths and Science alongside numerous BTEC courses which are ideal for any learner.  Our e-learning content, diagnostic tests, exams and online teaching support can be timetabled for the following subjects with the touch of a button. We are able to teach a range of UK and international qualifications to your students, including:

  • Functional Skills in Maths and English from entry 1 - level 2
  • GCSEs in Maths and English
  • iGCSE Maths, English and ICT

The platform can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, allowing us to effectively support and educate your students through live lessons delivered by our vastly experienced team of specialised teachers.

We have a unique diagnostic tool to determine which level each learner is at. With subsequent tutor time, learning content and activities added to a learner’s profile to match their ability, each learner has a personalised solution to enhance their education.  Our support and teaching staff are online, ready to help any learner with any barrier to learning, in order to gain academic qualifications.
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