Cover Classes

The EDClass Cover software offers a unique provision where any school can impact the delivery of high-quality learning for students within cover periods. It's a brand new approach to delivering ‘cover sessions’, which allows for all aspects of teaching and learning policy to be adhered to. EDClass enables your school or MAT to have instant access to over 17,000 quality, pre-recorded lessons, along with supporting lessons, tests, exams, quizzes and assessments. 

This approach can save massive amounts on budget whilst simultaneously reducing teacher stress by not having to cover their absent colleagues' lessons. Teaching and learning can continue with pre-recorded lessons and support learning materials, tests and assessments. This unique model has been produced through the vision of a focus group of headteachers, bursars, cover supervisor management and SLT so that every learner has no barrier to learning.

Whilst working with our focus group, it was paramount that all aspects of the student's teaching and learning followed clear pathways and achieved specific objectives whilst under supervision. Through the use of the EDClass Cover, we will reduce the excessive burdens of planning, preparation and assessment on those teachers who are covering absence due to our extensive library, live teaching and support available. The setting of pathways and marking of work is easy and does not break any protocols. EDClass enables you to track, record and provide details of work to be completed by pupils. Whilst this is simply achieved through using EDClass Cover software, other departmental and curriculum materials can be taught through the EDClass learning pathways to match department planning, and schemes of work, along with short, medium and long-term plans, assessments and tests.

Cover classes you can trust 

EDClass is fully equipped to offer cover classes to your students in case of staff absence, school closure or teacher sickness. The EDClass facility provides cover for the following areas:

  • Emergency cover
  • Ad-Hoc cover
  • Teacher absence
  • ‘Rarely cover’
  • ‘Unforeseeable circumstances
  • School visits
  • Leave of absence arrangements
  • Gained time

EDClass provides high-quality teaching and learning with pre-recorded and supporting lesson content to develop your students' understanding of their areas for improvement.

Our specialised teachers are on hand to offer support, guidance and live teaching during school hours in a full range of subjects including:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • ICT
  • Functional Skills English
  • Functional Skills maths
  • PSHE
  • Business studies
  • Citizenship

Our curriculum

The EDClass Cover software and resources do not breach teachers’ other entitlements under the STPCD, PPA time or Management and Leadership time – we simply aim to make your life much easier! Please call us for more information on how we can change your provision for cover periods and start providing your establishment with massive budget savings.

Please call 01909 568 338 for more information.