Jack's Success from BBG Academy

EDClass has had another student successfully use the platform following their enrolment.

Jack, a year 7 student from BBG Academy in West Yorkshire was excluded for five days because of his behaviour. Since joining EDClass, Jack's behaviour and eagerness to learn have seen a massive improvement. BBG Academy said:

"We have spoken to Jack's mum every day and she said that she really appreciated the feedback she had received from your tutors throughout the week. Jack has lots of support from home. He’s a good kid who does silly things, and hopefully, this suspension will be his last."

Jack's mum also commented on her son's use of the platform:

"The engagement of all the staff, how the confidence of my son has developed and reflected through the work he has done. My son enjoyed the learning and was happy throughout."

Initially, Jack was too shy to communicate with EDClass' staff, but as his confidence and comfortability grew he became keen to chat with the teachers and support staff.

Not only did Jack's confidence improve, but his attainment scores dramatically increased. Concerning his science scores, he saw a significant boost by an increase of 75%.

Jack loved using the EDClass platform and the EDClass staff saw him come out of his shell. Jack said:

"The staff are really nice and they make me feel at home even though I am at home."

Jack has now returned to his school to continue his studies, hopefully with a new positive attitude and outlook toward his learning.

EDClass is proud to share this fantastic success Jack has had and it epitomises what EDClass is trying to achieve for all students. If you would like some information on EDClass then call the team on 01909 568 338 or email mail@edclass.com