Platform helps students continue their education - Katie's Success

The EDClass platform is used by students for several reasons. Fixed-term excluded students and those who need support with their mental health are included and greatly benefit from accessing the resources available to them.

One year 10 student, Katie, from Witchford Village College in Cambridgeshire has been enrolled on the EDClass system following a serious altercation with another student. Assistant Headteacher, Nick Harrison, highlighted how Katie tends to struggle with face-to-face learning and how her attitude dwindles when learning. Mr Harrison said:

“Katie struggles in many ways to engage in face-to-face classroom learning for a number of different reasons including her special needs such as her dyslexia. Classroom learning is not an environment in which she's successful for a few reasons.”

Katie has greatly benefitted from using an online alternative provision as it allows her to continue her education from a remote location and be safeguarded at the same time. Mr Harrison expressed how “EDClass has been really positive for Katie” as it has allowed her freedom with her learning. Mr Harrison said:

“I think it’s offered Katie the ownership of being able to work at her own pace. As she has control of that pace, she can spend time reading things and she engages well with the content that she lost interest in school.”

The platform has also greatly benefitted Katie’s mental health. EDClass has enabled Katie to have a positive outlook on her learning as she can visibly see her progression when she completes her lessons. By using EDClass, students can also claim attendance codes. This not only benefits the school but ensures that students are where they should be and has supported Katie to confirm her environment is appropriate for learning. Mr Harrison said:

"EDClass has really helped with Katie's attendance as she can log on to the platform, make sure her work is complete and ensure that she is progressing with her learning." 

EDClass is proud that Katie can now focus her attention on her education and drive towards her future goals. Katie's future ambition is to either go into childcare or hair and beauty and with the support of EDClass she can attain those vital English & maths GCSEs.

The EDClass platform also includes an extensive library of relevant resources that can significantly reduce teacher workload, help with budgets and assist teachers with their delivery. Mr Harrison said: 

"I'd certainly recommend EDClass to another school. I think it offers flexibility. I think EDClass provides supportive consolidation and it's clear how you can monitor and track what work has been completed, which is really helpful from a school perspective and it's also been a fairly affordable option for us."

If you would like some more information on EDClass then call the team on 01909 568 338, send an email to or book a free online demonstration here.