EDClass has developed an incredibly successful assessment structure that benefits from over a decade of working with educational establishments. From diagnostic assessments to practice examination papers, EDClass incorporates more than a tracking system, it applies an algorithm capable of establishing gaps in learners’ knowledge and systematically assigns learning resources to the identified key areas for improvement.

Our Teaching Support

EDClass can also offer teaching support for any organisation. This powerful tool can assist your school in the following areas:

  • Enhancing the GCSE, iGCSE and BTEC qualification provision for your 14-19 curriculum
  • Offering vocational and academic courses to all your students at varying levels
  • Raising attainment; performance and value-added
  • Improving the subject content that your establishment can deliver
  • Creating bespoke learning pathways for individual students
  • Homework and revision tracking
  • Providing an innovative way to deliver a range of subjects and qualifications that perhaps your teachers’ expertise does not cater for
  • Engaging and motivating low literacy and numeracy students
  • Supporting students’ development
  • Managing behaviour
  • Offering distance learning packages for students
  • Increasing attendance
  • Delivering education to remote areas
  • Tracking and being accountable for learners’ progress and achievements

Assessment & Teacher-Assessed Grades Case Study


"It was beneficial for us for students doing PRAGs who weren’t able to get into the academy. We used it for students who were school-refusers and they were able to get assessments done that way and we also used it for students who were excluded and it meant we could collect data that way which was good.


"Quite a few of the students on the seats came away with some good GCSEs and it was beneficial to them as it meant they weren’t at a disadvantage. The students that worked hard did well.


"Yes, I would recommend them as they are easy to set up and they allow you to meet your quality assurance deadlines for assessments for students that may not necessarily be in the building in a hard-controlled environment."


Adele Chilton
Merrill Academy