Assessment for Learning across your organisation

EDClass has developed an incredibly successful assessment and testing structure. The assessment process within EDClass evidences attainment and the impact of a progress whilst identifies a unique approach that has quality assured assessment of learning available instantly across your organisation. EDClass assessment has proven to impact a range of learners in a range of intervention, focus groups and whole school provisions. 

From diagnostic assessments and tests to practice exam papers, EDClass incorporates more than a tracking system, it applies a technique capable of establishing gaps in learners’ knowledge and systematically assigns learning resources to the identified areas for improvement. All our assessment methods are extensively tracked and monitored.

Below is an example of our skill gap analysis grid, which shows how each student has performed on each topic through a traffic light system. This can be created through any exam, test, assessment or learning journey. Once your students' skill gaps have been identified, the system creates a personalised learning pathway for each student to follow, perfect for catch-up programmes throughout their learning to build on their areas for improvement. 

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The evidence then creates the continuous assessment and testing process within EDClass that is personalised per learner. All the data is important, so every answer your students give in our lessons, tests and mock exams is tracked and recorded, giving you a clear view of their strengths and weaknesses. The assessment, tests and skills analysis grid highlights progress, strengths and weaknesses. This creates a personalised learning pathway for remote education which is tailored to the individual or class group alongside live lessons or catch up or virtual face-to-face delivery. The image shows the steps and process of how our diagnostic exams, skills analysis, tests and assessments highlights gaps in knowledge and start the personalised learning journey. Helping every student attain, develop, and attends the live, on demand or catch up sessions to improve.

Teachers, administrators and learners will receive feedback from our markers and assessors. You will receive a comprehensive breakdown of every answer with:

  • Graphs
  • Reports (daily, weekly and termly)
  • Tracking
  • Live feeds
  • Assessment of learning progress (via our charts)

Alongside this the administrator will be able to instantly download the report ready for any inspection.

When a learner logs on, everything is tracked and recorded for safeguarding, monitoring and assessment purposes. It then starts to create a personalised learning pathway that includes regular assessment and diagnostic tests along their learning journey. A learner’s progress and attempts to make progress are tracked when using EDClass so the teacher can identify where a learner’s strengths and areas to develop are. For example, in Maths, when a learner meets objectives and achieves well, EDClass recognises this and automatically assigns more challenging lessons. Likewise, if a learner struggles with certain questions, the system will detect this and assign lessons with revision on those identified topics. As a learner progresses, more challenging lesson content and tests are set. As progress happens through the each learner addressing their gaps in knowledge, then whole school attainment levels rise in English, Maths and Science. We have a range of teachers, support and well-being workers to assist learners in all aspects when they are remotely learning live, on demand or independently.

Our Assessment framework incorporates:

  • teacher led assessment
  • mastery statements
  • teaching and learning progress grids
  • achievement statements
  • objective-based tracking
  • formative assessment
  • summative assessment
  • analysis of performance by teachers and students
  • parental involvement

Our Assessment system:

  • can be bespoke and editable for any establishment
  • can address any assessment approach
  • supports individual progress
  • captures and records progress
  • reports instantly to staff, students and parents

Tracking & Reporting

Within our easy to use software we have incorporated any curriculum or modular testing / exams to match your school's assessment structure. There is comprehensive tracking and progress reporting for curriculum, individual, class, target group, catch up group, year group or key stage group.

Our Assessment tracking and reporting helps you compare each student's standard of attainment against: 

  • school and national expectations
  • end of unit progress targets
  • diagnostic results
  • target groups' and year groups' answers and feedback and progress

Our Assessment package

Our assessment package contains the following:

  • Summative and formative assessments that can be assessed, tracked, monitored and recorded
  • Classroom progress and graphical data to identify students' expected, predicted grades and progress
  • Flexible assessment dates, deadlines and progress reports
  • A teacher page to comment/assess students' work, behaviour, attendance and attainment
  • A student page to identify strengths, weaknesses, effort and behaviour against the expectations
  • A facility to create target groups and procedures to enhance ‘catch up’ students’ progress in English, Maths and Science
  • A head of department page to set up the assessment from the curriculum page
  • A bank of statements for issues, targets, expectations and comments
  • Instant and bespoke inspection-ready reports

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