EDClass has developed an incredibly successful assessment structure that benefits from over a decade of working with educational establishments. From diagnostic assessments to practice examination papers, EDClass incorporates more than a tracking system, it applies an algorithm capable of establishing gaps in learners’ knowledge and systematically assigns learning resources to the identified key areas for improvement.

EDClass can provide your students with learning resources and instant support via a click of a mouse or tap of a screen. This is all possible due to EDClass’ process which addresses multiple aspects of government guidance such as the SEND & AP Improvement Plan and it includes 5 key steps:

Our assessment process

When learning on the platform, students will be continuously assessed throughout their studies. Subject-specific questions are implemented that assess students’ knowledge and ensure that they have understood the material to the best of their abilities. If students ever struggle to understand something, they can gain instant access to support from UK-qualified teachers who can explain questions and answers to them.

A well-developed curriculum is integrated for students that can be adapted by your school to accommodate a student’s specific needs from our assessment tools. Content is broken down into a logical progression, systematically and explicitly so that knowledge is developed at a comfortable rate for students with supportive measures implemented. 

You may have students who have significant gaps in their learning or who have become disengaged with their learning. You can feel optimistic that your students are entering an online alternative provision that spends as much time as necessary to achieve their attainment targets.

A designated pathway of learning with clear measures specific to the needs of students is supplied. This is so areas for improvement can be identified and improved on, whilst providing constant evidence for inspections, reviews, progress or reintegration meetings.

Students with SEND require a significant amount of support with their education so you need an alternative provision that supports them along their journey both academically and pastorally. EDClass does exactly this. Inspectors will be able to visibly see the progress of students with SEND and you can see their track record of answers and assessments.

The initial assessment and diagnostic tests within EDClass

Our assessments or diagnostic tests are designed to identify what level the student is currently working at. After the diagnostic test has been sat, you will be able to see a skill gap analysis grid outlining each student's strengths and weaknesses in each topic.

After sitting the test:

  • the system automatically marks the papers
  • this will then identify the gaps in the student's knowledge that they may have
  • the system then programmes a learning pathway for the learners to independently follow
  • it assigns the personalised lesson pathway  
  • after each test and lesson pathway are complete, more strengths and further gaps of knowledge are identified for them to work through in their own time. 

Whilst logged into the system your students are continuously assessed and monitored to provide evidence of learning and attainment because every lesson is filled with questions, puzzles and quizzes, all of which are marked, tracked and recorded. Every test result is recorded and evidenced throughout the learner's progress in the system, giving you visual data of current grades and the progress made over time. This can be provided in the reports and the inspection-ready data which is centrally stored and updated in your SLT access area.