EDClass has developed an incredibly successful assessment structure that benefits from over a decade of working closely with educational establishments. 

From diagnostic assessments to practice exam papers, EDClass incorporates more than a tracking system, it applies an algorithm capable of establishing gaps in learners’ knowledge and systematically assigns learning resources to the identified areas for improvement.  

Personalised learning, target groups, classes for catch up delivery and one to one tutoring. EDClass is available 24/7 for any learner, teacher and support worker, giving them:

• access to the virtual platform system
• access to create own learning
• use of our portal and platform in a secure desktop application
• a personalised learning plan
• assessment and monitoring

We will help you meet the academic needs of all your learners, particularly those with issues surrounding behaviour and attendance

Learning is supported through interactive, multimedia rich e-learning content including:
• Multiple choice questions
• Drag and drop puzzles
• Word searches
• Word jumbles
• Jigsaws
• Literacy and numeracy puzzles
• Videos
• Quizzes

Teachers, administrators and learners will receive feedback from our markers and assessors. You will receive a comprehensive breakdown of every answer with:

• Graphs
• Reports
• Tracking
• Live feed

Alongside this the administrator will be able to instantly download the report ready for any inspection.

When a learner logs on, everything is tracked and recorded for safeguarding, monitoring and assessment purposes. It then starts to create a personalised learning pathway that includes regular assessment and diagnostic tests along their learning journey.

For more information, trials and demonstrations please call our team on 01909 568 338 or fill in the form below.