Mix and Match

Your EDClass subscription will be tailor-made to suit your specific establishment's needs. Below are the pre-built packages designed for schools, multi-academy trusts, local authorities and parents. However, you can mix and match the range of tools available to create your own learning and engagement platform. Get in touch for a custom quote!

A base subscription to EDClass gives you access to:

Learning content

Our virtual library of over 12,000 written lessons and 2,000 on-demand video lessons.


Any learner can login and start learning independently, through a structured pathway or a timetable that matches their class' scheme of work.


The different levels of subscription include face-to-face teaching and online support as well as marking of students' work.

Support, Assistance and Safeguarding

You can select an appropriate level of support, safeguarding and teaching for a learner via our secure; text-based, video, and audio communications. With live and secure streams switched easily on or off to match safeguarding and attendance policies.

Assessment and gap analysis

Identify the gaps in knowledge to personalise and challenge all learners whilst accessing our assessment, exams, baseline and diagnostic tests.