School Improvement

We have invested a great deal of time and effort into the design of EDClass, and through working closely with our schools we have created a unique alternative provision and school improvement platform that adheres to government safeguarding, well-being and supervision legislation.

EDClass is a powerful tool used to remove barriers to learning and allow your pupils to reach their full potential whilst:

  • Safeguarding all learners - This is our priority. Everything is seen, tracked and recorded.
  • Impacting knowledge and understanding - Your learners have access to our teachers and wellbeing on demand and on request 
  • Raising achievement - by tracking, monitoring and reporting students' learning and progress so that weaknesses can be easily identified and pathways can be altered to meet a student’s needs.
  • Improving attendance - with the help of our teachers, allowing students to claim attendance while working from a remote location, ensuring that they do not fall behind on work whilst away from the classroom.
  • Reducing exclusions - by presenting an alternative curriculum and approach to learning to interest students before they become disengaged.
  • Assessing progress - our assessments allow you to compare each students’ standard of attainment against school and national expectations. Additional lessons focusing on skills that a student needs to practice can be seamlessly integrated into their usual scheme of work.
  • Improving behaviour - progress, effort and time spent learning can be instantly recognised, praised and rewarded.
  • Additional content - Have access to our 12000 elearning lessons but also the growing library of Hybrid video lessons of our staff delivering on demand lessons which interact
  • Access additional teachers - These are available for support and teaching to enhance learning for Cover, Homework and revision
  • Staff CPD and staff safeguarding CPD - Access 50+ safeguarding courses designed by our safeguarding team.
  • Quality assurance - Use the observation software within EDClass for raising standards of teaching and learning.

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