Education Resources Award 2024 Winner

Overview of collaboration between EDClass & Inspiration Trust 

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EDClass Ltd first started working with The Inspiration Trust in Norfolk in 2008 and the collaboration has grown from strength to strength. The EDClass platform is now fully embedded throughout the entire multi-academy trust assisting students with behaviour or mental challenges and attendance rate improvement.

EDClass was first embedded in Thetford Academy due to there not being a suitable alternative provision present at the time for their students. Following the implementation at Thetford, EDClass was then integrated across the entire MAT providing a high-quality provision with coherent sequenced learning. Engaging lessons were also supplied in support of the successful reintegration of students.

The essence of the collaboration can be underpinned by the ability for schools in the MAT to share “EDClass seats” with each other if they are running short on space. By doing this, students in every school throughout the trust could continue their education at any given time thanks to the coordination from EDClass and Inspiration Trust working together. 

The Inspiration Trust has been using EDClass to bridge the gap between home and school for students who struggle to access a mainstream setting. The platform has been integrated through various means such as students continuing their education learning from home or as part of inclusion or isolation areas throughout the MAT.

Improving attendance was a massive focus for The Inspiration Trust when choosing EDClass. This was achieved by allowing attendance codes to be claimed by the schools throughout the trust. Students with physical or mental health needs, in particular, EBSA have massively benefitted from using EDClass within the MAT as their learning has continued in a setting they feel most comfortable.
EDClass has also taken a further collaborative approach with The Inspiration Trust by working together with parents and families to provide the best possible educational experiences for children. 

Regular meetings with both teachers and parents have enabled children to succeed in their education whereas without the platform they would have struggled.

In addition to this, the versatility of the EDClass platform has allowed teacher workload to be significantly reduced, budget pressures have been alleviated and more resources have been added to The Inspiration Trust’s arsenal.

A few of the schools in the MAT also used EDClass to make a big impact on behaviour repair. This has been successful by implementing positive behaviour reinforcement and addressing the specific pastoral needs of students.

Safeguarding was also paramount in this collaboration and continues throughout EDClass’s ethos. The Inspiration Trust needed a provision that guaranteed a child was safe when learning online and EDClass did this. EDClass’s UK-qualified teaching team have eyes on the children learning on the platform. If there is ever a safeguarding incident, alerts are issued and a collaborative approach with the schools in the MAT is actioned so that the child is safe. EDClass’s teaching team are also trauma-informed practised so they have been able to support students with adverse childhood experiences or other vulnerabilities.

“I can honestly say that EDClass is something that I recommend to everybody that I meet. I cannot think of a better provider. I can't think of anyone who gives me better value for money and I know that the service is top quality, all the time. I would certainly recommend It 100% to anybody who was looking for an online alternative provision.”