Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The education of ESOL learners is increasingly placing well-being and inclusion at the core of their English speaking, reading, writing and general communication development.

We can help to meet the need for targeted assistance especially for those students with English as a second or other/additional language. From our content you can create learning pathways quickly and efficiently, tailored with your choice of lessons, so each learner has an individual programme to follow.

At EDClass we offer:

  • A personal learning plan for each learner
  • Self-paced content
  • Lessons to meet the needs of every ability
  • Built-in audio in every lesson (everything can be read aloud for each learner) to aid pronunciation

Our primary package comes with 100+ engaging educational games, which can be translated into 20+ different languages. Below are the languages we currently offer:

This is a great tool for ESOL departments introducing English to learners with primary languages. Each word, phrase or statement has a recording of the pronunciation that each pupil can learn from.

Below are some examples of translations within the game. Pupils will see an image depicting the keyword or phrase, the written phrase in their first language and in English. Pupils can play an audio recording of each phrase in their first language and in English to help with pronunciation. This can also be used for English speakers who are looking to learn an additional language!