Exams and Invigilation

EDClass has built into our portfolio an all-in-one secure locked-down exam and test platform where examination can take place in a safe and secure platform with the candidate in mind.  Our platform can enable a whole school approach to creating a flexible and secure exam and testing process with invigilation available to produce a portfolio of evidence and grades for each child. The evidence can be provided using the following types:

  • teacher led assessments
  • mock exams 
  • modular exams or tests
  • end of unit tests or exams
  • skill-based exams
  • baseline tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • gap analysis tests or exams
  • qualification exams
  • practice exams
  • functional skills exams
  • fully locked and secure exams

EDClass offers you a flexible and online platform that allows you to create and deliver your own examinations for multiple target groups, subjects, qualifications, programmes or strategies.  

The secure online platform allows your learners to access tests, diagnostics and examinations in a secure and locked-down environment. The exams, tests and diagnostic tests within EDClass can be robust and meet your whole school or departmental requirements. 

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments can use our exam platform with as many different types of security that you require. The system allows a fully locked down application where the exam and test are the only things that can be accessed or modular / end of unit test and exams for the school under your own requirements.


Staff, Teachers, Administrators and learners will receive feedback from the examiners.

You will receive a comprehensive breakdown of every answer with:

  • Graphs
  • Reports
  • Tracking
  • Live feed

Exam Platform – Feedback

Your staff can mark them and give feedback using the platform.

As soon as an entire exam sitting has been submitted, the answer papers will be delegated to our team of markers. We will then mark the exam papers, providing detailed feedback for every answer that each candidate has given.

Mock Exams

We have pre-written mock exams for GCSE English, maths and science.

Our mock exams have the option to be locked down with a time limit to give you a realistic idea of how your students will perform under real exam conditions.

Exam builder

You can either use our pre-made exams, or you can create your own in our custom exam builder.

Positive exams, learning journeys and destinations

All our exams are secure and are categorised by ability level – from low to high. Learners are given the appropriate level test depending upon their diagnostic results.

These tests determine where the learner’s strengths and weaknesses are, creating their gaps in knowledge.

The system recognises which programmes of study and lessons they need to be assigned in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding.

The platform, learning, tests and diagnostic tools can be used for any learner.

Additional support for recovery

We can offer the following types of exams alongside our assessment, learning content, teaching support and tests to support everyone and gain that portfolio of evidence needed.

Working in partnerships for students outcomes

EDClass is a valuable online teaching and learning platform, designed to support students in their academic journey. However, it is important to clarify that GCSE exams are not taken directly within the EDClass platform and that no official GCSE exams are administered or taken directly within the EDClass platform.

Our role is to provide engaging, learning pathways and effective resources to complement the excellent work undertaken by our commissioning schools. Students taking GCSEs will prepare and sit for exams through their schools' designated channels, following the examination boards and assessment procedures.

The success of any student completing a GCSE exam is a direct result of the dedication and expertise of their teachers, the supportive school environment, and the student's own hard work. EDClass is proud to play a part in this collaborative effort by providing supplementary learning tools and fostering a love for knowledge.

We encourage students to reach out to their teachers and school advisors for all information regarding GCSE exams and preparation. We are proud of every achievement that our learners achieve and will share this through our students testimonials and school testimonials pages.