Personalised Learning

EDClass has the capacity to provide learners with personalised, flexible learning plans to suit their needs wherever they may be on the learning continuum. EDClass can help implement and assist your Education Recovery Programme with immediate impact. Our platform and UK Qualified Teachers and support/wellbeing officers can impact your Educational Recovery Strategy and delivery methodology with a successful whole-school approach to enhance your:

  • catch up on premium programme
  • pupil premium programme
  • summer school programme
  • recovery premium programme
  • additional teaching and support programme with experienced UK Qualified teachers
  • an alternative provision

At EDClass, we find that individualised learning is the most effective way to catch up and assist. We provide a unique approach that includes testing, gap analysis, diagnostic tests, and exams. Alongside this, there is teacher-led, continuous and structured assessment for evidence that creates a unique personalised learning path to evidence and impact learning, catch up, and address gaps in knowledge. 

EDClass individualised learning

The EDClass team of experienced teachers, support workers, wellbeing officers and tutors use the innovative online classroom to deliver face-to-face, live, timetabled or on-demand sessions for a range of abilities in a secure, safeguarded and virtual learning platform which is uniquely personalised for each learner. Any individual can access these any time they are scheduled or when timetabled. Students can also work independently through a bank of learning content that is personalised for them which can replace or support in-school learning, providing a unique package regardless of environment, facilities or budget. 

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