Diagnostic Exams and Analysis

EDClass enables you to use our own diagnostic exams written by educational professionals in this field, or we can create your own diagnostic exams and your learners can use our secure and locked-down exam application. This great tool enables you to test the level of each learner.

Our diagnostic exams also enable you to:

  • set classes
  • plot baseline test data
  • track learner responses
  • identify gaps in knowledge of individuals, groups and cohorts and then target learners / allocate resources

The diagnostic exams are powerful because, as an administrator, they allow you to create a range of questions for your students. Once completed, responses can be presented as reports so that learners can begin to see their misconceptions and errors. From here, staff and parents can have a clear insight into a learner's:

  • level
  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • skills

This data can also be used to:

  • give appropriate feedback
  • set targets
  • draw up an action plan with objectives, individual learning pathways and milestones

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments can use our exam platform with as many different types of security that you require. The system allows a fully locked down application where the exam and test are the only things that can be accessed or modular / end of unit test and exams for the school under your own requirements.  Please call 01909 568 338 for more information.